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Extreme snowboard
Title: Extreme snowboard
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Description: Keep your balance as you whizz down the freezing steep slopes, collecting stars along the way and performing outstanding tricks! Slide down the snowy mountains and try not to fall on your head! Guaranteed to keep you entertained for hours. Who wouldn't love this two-dimensional extreme physics game?
Controls: and speed up - andlt;bandgt;up arrow keyandlt;/bandgt; and tilt - andlt;bandgt;left/right arrow keysandlt;/bandgt; and slow down - andlt;bandgt;down arrow keyandlt;/bandgt; and jump - andlt;bandgt;spaceandlt;/bandgt; and left hand grab - andlt;bandgt;xandlt;/bandgt; and right hand grab - andlt;bandgt;candlt;/bandgt; and two-handed grab - andlt;bandgt;zandlt;/bandgt;
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