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Tandem bike zombie slayer
Title: Tandem bike zombie slayer
Added by: Free Online Games
Category: HTML5 Games
Description: A co-op zombie game featuring vehicles. In a very primitive stage currently and has several bugs, such as entering the back seat as P2 (hint: don't try it) which I haven't gotten working properly yet. In the mean time while I iron out a few things, kill this one zombie and ride the bike around. Would appreciate feedback.
Instructions: (On-foot controls) Move - [left arrow] and [right arrow] (P1) - [a] and [d] (P2) Fire - [ctrl] (P1) - [spacebar] (P2) Enter Vehicle - [up arrow] (P1) - [w] (P2) (Vehicle controls) Move (Driving) - [left arrow] and [right arrow] (P1) - [a] and [d] (P2) Fire (Passenger) - [ctrl] (P1) - [spacebar] (P2) Exit vehicle - [down arrow] (P1) - [s] (P2)
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