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Space arcade
Title: Space arcade
Added by: Free Online Games
Category: HTML5 Games
Description: Space Shooting Game, an arcade shoot em up game. Basically This is an alpha version and first game in a life time ever made. I left credit layout empty purposefully i'll update them later however i could not give enough thanks to scirra community and ashley/tom for releasing great tutorials. This is my second attempt to upload and this i have compressed my images the actual file size was around 20mb and ended up with 4mb once again thanks to ashley image compression blog post. I need feedback and critics on the game. However i believe lot more can be done but i need some help some senior developers in some coding i'll be posting my questions soon and capx file soon. Thanks and happy christmas/holidays.
Instructions: How to Play 1. Press "W" to glide UP 2. Press "S" to Speed Down 3. Press "Space" to Shoot The Objective is to survive as long as possible keep an eye on blue health bar and white fuel bar if any of them goes zero ship will be destroyed you have 3 lives to play. One more thing you can't shoot enemy ships avoid their contact
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