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Retrospect: alpha demo 1
Title: Retrospect: alpha demo 1
Added by: Free Online Games
Category: HTML5 Games
Description: This is a test for a basic platformer game, with simple graphics and basic mechanics. It is a repost with the newest version from my other game. This is just to show to newer viewers and to distribute/show to people via deviantART. For those wanting to derp around with the game, I've added passwords with special effects (the password area can be accessed via the very left wall at the spawn through a transparent section). These are the following passwords added: Jumper (increases jump height) Sonic (increases speed) Titan (doubles size) Superman (combines the effects of Jumper and Sonic) Dragger (allows the player to click and drag the character around the screen)(Note: This is a VERY lagged/glitchy feature.) My Little Pony (Gives you the jumper and sonic qualities, destroys the first gate, and gives the character a confetti-like effect)(Note:Would recommend copy and pasting it in to save time.) This is a game made by JacobAquas, or AquasProductions. Last editted on January 25, 2013.
Instructions: Use the arrow keys to play, or alternatively, you can use W,A,S, and D.
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