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Hobo slaughter
Title: Hobo slaughter
Added by: Free Online Games
Category: HTML5 Games
Description: [Platforms are invisible to add more of a challenge! Use floating leaves and hoboes to determine where to jump!] Hoboes have overrun Bob's park, play as Bob and squish these pesky thieves under your foot as they attempt to run away, can you retrieve Bob's suitcase the hoboes stole AND collect 29 leaves that the hoboes ripped off your prized trees? ---------------------------------------- This is my first game, if I receive positive feedback then I will continue on making more games! Please leave constructive criticism as well :D
Instructions: [Up arrow] to jump, [Left arrow] and [Right arrow] to move. Use your feet to squish the hoboes, you can ram into them as well but be warned, they might bite you!
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