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Title: Demigod
Added by: Free Online Games
Category: HTML5 Games
Description: This is a little project I made for my institute exam. The game could have a lot of bugs, and the game itself it’s not finished at all, but I really hope to finish it some day. I hope that you like my work. In the dusk of the Z day, you are the only survivor, so you are the only who have the power to survive: being a Demigod. How to play: You have your machinegun and a couple of grenades to defend yourself. Be careful with the ammo, and reload only when is necessary. Also, your grenades are limited, so watch for the ammo boxes dropped around the stage. V-Crimson: The red ones. Tough enough to be a menace, but they have no skill at all. V-Emerald: The green ones. These are a little faster than Crimsons, but weaker. V-Turquoise: The blue ones. Really slow, and normal damage, but they are really tought. Also, while they’re alive, the others have double life. Kill him at all coast. V-Amethyst: The purple one, and the most feared. Really fast and takes a lot of damage. Be fast and kill it just when you see it, or you’ll be just dead. DANGER: Don’t waste grenades on Amethyst! He will evade them all! Don’t evade him, kill him! If he gets you, JUST SHOOT LIKE HELL! DEMIGOD FIST When you have your Fist loaded, you have enough power to eliminate everyone on the screen, but don’t waste it, because it’s your strongest weapon, and if you waste it, you’ll be sorry.
Instructions: [W], [A], [S], [D] to move. [Mouse] to point. [Left click] to fire. [Right click] to throw grenade. [LShift] to Run. [Space] to use Demigod Fist. Be careful with your grenades explosion. It will take you life if you are too close.
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