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Title: Bombardment
Added by: Free Online Games
Category: HTML5 Games
Description: Bomb your enemies ship to dust. Touch a canons to launch a missile. Gain money from holding off your enemies missiles or striking your enemies ship. Specialize and upgrade your weapons to HEAT, RAIL, STUN or CLUST. HEAT: Sends out a heat wave that destroys every misslie on collison (strong but defence only). RAIL: Reduces the cooldown time (keep your canon ready to shot anytime). STUN: Send out an eletric bolt that deactivates your enemies weapon system CLUST: Sends out a cluster missile that splits up to five (launch missiles like there is no tomorrow).
Instructions: Just touch or click. No keyboard input needed. Important: player vs. player only makes sense on a touch device. Visit this site on a tablet or check out the android app.
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