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The legend of robinhood
Title: The legend of robinhood
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Category: Fighting Games
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Description: The Legend Of RobinHood is a top down Adventure Game. Guide Robinhood through 5 areas eliminating all of the Sheriff of Notingham's soldiers. In order to progress, avoid their attacks and switch between weapons to defeat them, using the following keys, 1 for the bow, 2 for the sword and 3 for the crossbow. Destroy all the barrels to find arrows, armor and health.
Controls: and andlt;bandgt;movementsandlt;/bandgt; = w,a,s,d keys and andlt;bandgt;bow and arrowandlt;/bandgt; = '1' key and andlt;bandgt;swordandlt;/bandgt; = '2' key and andlt;bandgt;attackandlt;/bandgt; = use mouse (left click button)
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