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Musteland: the enchanted lake
Title: Musteland: the enchanted lake
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Category: Arcade Games
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Description: Theme: winter game with an animal heroGenre: arcade (skill, reflex, fast paced)Control: only mouse without clicks (see below)Summary: Addicting arcade game. Polished and easy control, pre-rendered graphics, particles and sound fx. Eye-catching and accessible for any person/age. INSTRUCTIONSSteer the character with the mouse without needing to click. The Character willturn towards the position of the mouse. Keep the mouse cursor inside the game as you will not be able to control our hero when outside.Your aim is to catch all of the snow balls. To win, you must chase the white balls and avoid the red balls.Keep an eye on the time. If the time runs out, you lose. Keep clear of the red balls because if they hit you, you will have a great fall.To get a higher score you must finish each level in the minimum amount of time. You can get additional points by completing a level in record time.BONUSES:You will notice that some white balls will drop bonuses. There are 7 bonuses: - Slowness: Balls move slower. - Speed: Ferret moves faster. - Time: Extra time. - Points: Extra points and size.
Controls: mouse;
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