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Christmas threes
Title: Christmas threes
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Category: Arcade Games
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Description: Use your mouse to guide falling objects that help grow three small plants into fully lit and decorated Christmas trees. Pop balloons and naughty birds that mess up with your floating objects. Skaters that like your Christmas tree will stop and admire it, improving your Christmas Spirit bar. Controls: move mouse to push objects, left click to pop balloons and hit birds. Inspiration: "How to get into the Xmas spirit" design mantra, GROW (eyezmaze) FEATURES: simple mouse controls, requires no keyboard memorization. Players will get it right away. Not the regular Easy, Normal, Hard modes! Each of them offers fun and significant variations to the game Fully developed as a Christmas game. Let your players feel the Christmas spirit and they will thank you for it. High replayablity as objects are randomly placed as well as the birds and balloons Familiar game mechanics with new twists that will endear players more easily
Controls: keyboard;
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