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Feed the fish
Title: Feed the fish
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Category: Action Games
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Description:   Feed the Fish is a puzzle/skill-based game Its gameplay mixes such popular elements as color-matching, feeding management and gem collecting in a new, original way. Player has to overfeed fishes in the shoal using other smaller fishes. This causes them to burst and release gems which player collects to earn score. The amount of gained score is critically dependent on score multiplier which in turn depends on player’s speed and effectiveness. Experienced and expeditious player can earn up to x99 more score than clumsy one on the same amount of collected gems, so there is a vast space and incentive for players to improve their skills. Feed the Fish has five main game modes + easy tutorial mode for starters.  The game modes unlock successively. First, player has to overcome oxygen deficit (two modes – gem limited and survival). Then he/she faces with predator and poisonous fishes in hostile waters (gem limited and survival). Then there will be the battle with rivals who are using dynamite to blow fishes and steal player’s gems. Note: there is no game mode locking in FGL demo. Gameplay rules and level goals are shown to player using visual animated presentations supported by the text descriptions. Game is ready for a highscore system implementation. Game has 720*500 resolution, but it can be downscaled without problems to 640 pixels wide. It is possible to downscale it to 640 px permanently on sponsor’s demand. Game runs smoothly at 30 FPS on modern computers. To maintain this frame rate on the old/slow machine one can switch to low quality. This makes negligible difference in visual appearance but provides a substantial boost to performance. UPDATE: new in-game tutorial added  
Controls: mouse;
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